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Taraxa Project

Building the Taraxa Ecosystem: milestones, partners, and clients to-date.

The problem we’re solving.

In our hyper-connected world, individuals and businesses remain vulnerable to the confusion of informal daily agreements between buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, clients and contractors, companies and employees. At the same time, even with today’s abundance of messengers and collaboration suites, there’s still no handy way to keep track of those offline deals that are made every day through talking, calling, and texting — from trivial pay-upon receipt services and parenthood or property relations to auto repairs, employment relations, or simply signing off on an invoice. In all these cases, both parties are left vulnerable to a sudden change of heart or other extenuating circumstances.

Major milestones:

  • Founded in early 2018 with seed investment from angels in Japan and Singapore. An early research-oriented team was formed in the first half of 2018 composed of academics associated with our advisor Professor Herlihy to help define the proper technical direction for the project.
  • A private round was conducted during mid-2018 and a core technical team was put together in Mountain View, California at the end of 2018, coding began in December of 2018.
  • Collaborated with the Japanese Ministry of Economics, Technology, and Industry to publish a book “Next Blockchain”, co-authored with vice-minister Yano Makoto.
  • Secured several private funding rounds in Bay Area, have a token listing event coming up.
  • Shipped a public version of Taraxa testnet and open-sourced the node code.
  • Two fully-featured prototype dApps on top of the Taraxa network and validated them with partners from different industry verticals.
  • November 2020: first prototype of Marinate app was created targeting construction change order management in the US, initial test launch generated 85k registered accounts in 6 days, 2.5mn stakeholder invitations, >50% created agreements, and <1% app bounce rate, demonstrated extremely high intent and virality.

Clients to-date:

  • Signed a collaboration contract with the largest automaker in Japan to leverage audit logging of automotive data on Taraxa for shared rides and second-hand car sales.
  • Signed a contract with Midas, a major Japanese arcade asset leasing company to develop and deploy a hardware-software integrated system (Helio) to help track arcade machine revenues.

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