Taraxa Project
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Taraxa Project

Hassle-free p2p lending on Marinate.

Peer-to-peer lending might be riskier than you think.

Marinate adds credibility and accountability to the lending process.

With Marinate, both online p2p lending platforms and offline informal lending practices can benefit from increased transparency throughout the lending process. By anchoring payment obligations on the Taraxa blockchain, the app makes it easy to track signatures and dates, the scope of the lender’s liability, outstanding monthly payments, interest accrued, and overdraft penalties.

  • Track the loan performance by looking at stakeholder activity near real-time.
  • Be in control of taking out additional borrowing by having your approval explicitly recorded.
  • Get better protection for your small business in unsecured business loans, or when dealing with Business Development Companies, or B.D.C.s.
Marinate’s sign-off screen and timeline view.

Stop worrying about getting tossed around or losing your investment when lending money informally, cover all risks with Marinate!




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