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How to stake your $TARA: a step-by-step guide.

A detailed walk-through of our staking process: how to stake TARA tokens and earn staking rewards!

DISCLAIMER: To comply with recent SEC rulings, United States persons cannot participate in pre-staking. All participants will be required to pass KYC to participate.

💰 Stake here: taraxa.io/staking

⏩ Video guide: https://youtu.be/7ZrzxsEcqps

👉 F.A.Q.: https://docs.taraxa.io/faq/staking

✔️ Support on Discord

STEP 1: Navigate to taraxa.io/staking and click SIGN UP.

STEP 2: Create an account and confirm your e-mail.
NOTE: Please make sure you’ve entered your ETH-address correctly — it will be used to receive staking rewards.

STEP 3: To stake TARA and earn staking rewards, you need to pass KYC. Navigate to your user profile, find the KYC box and click VERIFY. You’ll be redirected to Jumio service for KYC, please follow all the steps and submit your ID documents.

NOTE: If you experience issues with KYC, please contact support@taraxa.io.

STEP 4: After KYC is passed, go ahead and connect your wallet via Metamask: Click CONNECT WALLET — a Metamask prompt will pop up — then click APPROVE. Make sure your TARA tokens are either in the Metamask wallet or linked to Metamask via a hardware wallet (hardware wallet is highly recommended).

NOTE: We’re using Metamask for the purpose of this guide, but any Web3- enabled wallet with a browser extension works.

STEP 5: Once MetaMask is connected, you’ll see your wallet address in the top right corner. Now, enter the amount of TARA you’d like to stake and click STAKE.

STEP 6: Next, a Metamask prompt will pop up. Review the transaction gas fees and click CONFIRM.

STEP 7: Once the transaction is approved, a Metamask STAKE prompt for will pop up — click CONFIRM.

STEP 8: Once the transaction is approved, you’ll see the SUCCESS pop-up. Congrats, your TARA is now staked!

STEP 8: After you click OK, you’ll see the amount of $TARA locked into the staking contract in MY STAKED TARA. Your tokens are now staked and will automatically unlock after a 30-day period.


1. If you choose to keep your tokens staked after the unlock, they will automatically continue to be staked and accrue rewards.

2. If you wish to unstake, click UNSTAKE in MY STAKED TARA.

3. You can view your accumulative staking rewards in TARA REWARDS.

Check out the F.A.Q. for the latest instructions and staking rules updates. And shoot your questions to Discord!



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