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How to be confident in the outcomes when managing remote working teams.

Remote operations pose new challenges to business — and require a new way of organizing data.

With coronavirus drastically changing the way we work, the debate of the day naturally revolves around the best-performing tools for remote collaboration. But before giving in to that download spree, let’s take a moment to review a few important pre-conditions that accompany those choices.

Getting accurate views of remote processes.

For starters, we need to be able to track with certainty the project milestones and people’s participation rates company-wide. To monitor progress and receive real-time status updates from external contractors and freelance collaborators present a big challenge for project managers simply because it’s very hard to get accurate reports and sign-offs from all the numerous stakeholders involved. When it comes to data-sharing, we all rely on our preferred messengers and industry-standard tools like Salesforce or Trello. This leads to extremely siloed communication, missed deadlines, and overall project delays.

In this guide, we will look at how Taraxa helps to easily and confidently capture critical approvals and track fulfillments to establish uninterrupted remote workflows.

Confidently track sign-offs on project milestones to streamline the decision-making.

Taraxa’s cloud-based solution helps to collect auditable sign-offs and rejections on critical agreements, like commercial business contracts or internal documents around the project milestones and decision-points, with 100% confidence in their accuracy. Powered by distributed ledger technology, the platform makes it possible to confidently track and later audit every decision made across the organization without leaving the comfort of your inbox.

Have all the critical data integrated into one place:

  • Easily and confidently get sign-offs and rejections with internal stakeholders and collaborators outside your organization:
  • No need to install data management tools and sophisticated access controls — Taraxa will seamlessly integrate with Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, or another collaboration tool of your choice.
  • A dedicated system bot automatically forwards data inputs like e-mails and attachments on project milestones right from your inbox to the system that categorizes it with tags.

Be in complete control of sign-offs and rejections:

  • Browse sign-offs in a flexible interface with a timeline view of the decision-making log.
  • Track responsibility and involvement of team members by looking at who did what, and when. With blockchain, you can be sure that what you see is what you get.
  • Get additional views on commitments, such as time spent on a project, stakeholders process bottlenecks, and resource consumption.

Take care of auditing:

  • The blockchain layer gradually builds a tamper-free audit log of all data commitments acceptable for the purpose of internal and external auditing.
  • Mitigate the risk of disputes by having a reliable audit trail for every critical decision made.

With Taraxa quietly running in the background, you get an advanced easy-to-use system that retains critical documentation around the decision-making across the remote units of your organization. If your company is looking to make this transition, reach out to learn more at partnerships@taraxa.io




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