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Marinate: speed and clarity in everyday agreements.

With Marinate, you can keep your fave messengers and verify every verbal and informal agreement, approval, or work sign-off to be able to track both personal and business communication.

80% of everyday informal agreements remain uncaptured.

30% of revenue is lost annually on resolving coordination overheads.

By using Taraxa’s tamper-proof audit log, Marinate adds trust and accountability to everyday offline and off-chain agreements.

Siloed offline communication loses you time and money.

Daily informal communication today between co-workers and teammates, friends and partners, and the like, remains mostly uncaptured and unverified. Over 80% of verbal, offline agreements are shared randomly in messengers, emails, app chats, or watercooler conversations. It makes it very difficult to timely capture critical approvals, especially in highly complex and rapidly changing settings, such as remote work, construction, peer-to-peer lending, financial factoring, employment relations, and many more.

Built on top of the Taraxa ledger, Marinate is a full-fledged platform that formalizes sporadic daily interactions that people conclude verbally and offline. The app seamlessly retains the parties’ consent and sign-offs on important decisions from emails, app messages, and even SMS threads, thus making daily personal and business exchanges transparent and verifiable.

Easily capture daily informal transactions.

Marinate first helps the stakeholders to capture these informal transactions easily, by integrating with a variety of baseline communication tools (email, texting, chat apps) so users can keep using what they want to use without changing their behavior. E.g., Steven can simply email a simple agreement such as “Steven owes Jack $10, will pay back by Feb 1, 2021 plus 5% interest” to Jack and cc the email to post@marinate.io. Then the app will shoot back call-back links to both Steven and Jack, wherein they can click “Sign-off” or “Reject”, taking them to a web-app briefly and the process is completed.

Forget about confusion and disputes over who said what when.

Marinate then helps to make informal agreements verifiable by anchoring the agreement’s hash and the stakeholder’s signatures into the Taraxa blockchain. This way we have an immutable audit log of who said what when, which holds people accountable to their commitments. Now you know for a fact who said what and when in your work routine, private dealings, and also in all business and customer interactions. Making people accountable drastically reduces the risk of fraud, making these records far more trustworthy.

Spend less time coordinating and verifying information.

Easily collect and track sign-offs and monitor the decision-making process in real-time. Get agreements explicitly recorded and have informal approvals trusted and risk-free.

Record even verbal and offline agreements no matter how and where you negotiate.

Consistently track everyday agreements without changing your communication routine, or leaving your go-to messengers and collaboration apps.

Fast and trusted agreements, no matter how and where the communication takes place.

No matter how and where you negotiate, you’ll never miss an important sign-off or approval request. Marinate will seamlessly record every offline and off-chain interaction made over the phone, text, email, or in-app messaging, without exposing the end-user to the complexity of the underlying blockchain ledger. If you’re constantly switching between teams, or work with people from multiple companies, you don’t even have to install Marinate — just use its powerful integrations to create, share, and sign-off on everyday informal transactions.

Record informal agreements and browse records by project.

Create a record right from your inbox and add stakeholders by their email or app handle copying the Marinate bot. You both will receive all the record specs in the message/email body and be prompted to sign off or reject the proposed record right from your inbox. You can easily track the progress by receiving notifications to your email or to the app that you’re using.

Sign-off on new approval requests in one click, view all the records pending and get instantly notified when someone signs-off or rejects. Marinate will automatically record and store all sign-offs in its dashboard so that you could switch to the app later to browse all the records pending and the approval progress.

Marinate’s mobile UI.

Try out the exclusive demo!

Marinate lets you finally capture everyday informal interactions and have peace of mind when negotiating a sensitive or risky agreement. Teams, business partners, remote workers, and private individuals spend less time and money on administrative verifications thus minimizing the costs and risk associated with informal approvals.




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