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Mathematically provable audit trails to protect your data integrity.

The operational book of record is full of holes.

What’s the biggest business loss in the COVID crisis? Some would argue that it’s the profits, but let us debate that and suggest that it’s something else. It really is the loss of trust and accountability that’s tearing companies apart. Dispersed across home offices and DIY operational stacks, today’s operations are losing in transparency and accountability. Even before, the use of enterprise software was extremely fragmented and made it almost impossible for one process to talk to another.

To tackle that, Taraxa takes the audit trail functionality to the next level by building a cryptographically secured audit log of all business processes and interactions. It gives your company an independent chain of custody that spans every business unit and automatically captures all critical OpsData you need to prove the integrity of your organizational planning, execution, and assessment, from end to end.

Cryptographically secured audit trails for next-level transparency.

Database audit trails have proved their effectiveness for monitoring operational activity to prevent financial and legal consequences of data breaches. The problem with data auditing is that not all audit logs are equally valuable to the auditors. Primarily designed for database administrators, database-integrated audit systems fall short when trying to capture employee-generated data, same goes for presenting the audit data in the format required by auditors. More so, even with advanced dedicated audit trail applications, you can’t be 100% confident in the audit trail integrity, i.e. that there was no unauthorized activity, or user logs were not tampered with.

Taraxa solves the problem of authority and credibility of audit logs by using data anchoring and cryptographic proofs that allow to mathematically prove the origin and integrity of operations at any given point of time.

Now you can keep close track of all internal operations, and be sure that no data is tweaked, deleted, or tampered with. You get an advanced data auditing system that chronologically retains critical documentation and traces every movement across all business units. Recorded in a clear, tamper-proof audit trail, all inter-department communication, external partner operations, and customer interactions are in full view of project owners.

Trusted and audit-ready.

All facts and deeds are consistently backed up by the audit log to eliminate the risk of tampering with sensitive documentation and other files. Its validity is assured by a robust DLT ledger making the system highly trusted by any third party.

A SAMPLE CASE STUDY — Courtesy of KLN brands, source: https://diginomica.com/erp-lean-processes-increased-profit-kln-family-brands

‘We are now able to document that materials have been through our control plan so that we can provide auditors with appropriate information whenever required. And purchase orders in our ERP system have their Certificate of Analysis attached, which is vital for our ability to ensure traceability of organic products and verify the chemical composition of material we include in our products or products we purchase from others. This audit traceability is absolutely vital for us as a company to maintain our customers’ trust, and we can now achieve it with less administrative overhead’.

Prevent audit trail changes:

Automated information captured at the time of record creation, alteration, or deletion.

Immutable storage security: audit trail alterations by any user or administrator impossible.

Accountability for actions performed in a particular schema, table, row, or affecting specific content.

Prevent database users from inappropriate actions.

A detailed account of each business interaction from start to finish lets you zoom in and investigate the issue or check on the area of accountability. Now you can always go back and check on the event log to react before negligence becomes a dispute.

All processes at your fingertips.

A complete record of all customer-facing and internal operations backed by an audit trail provides strong proof to verify the authenticity of documents and contracts for all sorts of evidence requests, commercial arbitrations, and court procedures.

Have your audit trails intact and be one step ahead of operational risk with Taraxa. Ask us about our solutions at partnerships@taraxa.io!




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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