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Meet the Team: Leonard Mocanu, Ecosystem Engineer.

We’re starting a new series to spotlight our brilliant team members! This week, we welcome Leo who’s been working for Consensys prior to joining Taraxa’s distributed team.

Talk about what you do in your role?

I’m an Ecosystem Engineer working on all public-facing parts of the project as well as various integrations with other platforms and clients. This role is perfect for me because I have experience both in developing Solidity smart contracts and building web apps.

I have a total of 12 years of experience in software development, mostly in web clients.

What have you been up to before getting into blockchain?

I’m an avid learner and besides Software Development I also did Software Architecture and DevOps Engineering. Back in 2017, I worked at eMAG, the biggest e-commerce store in Romania. I led a team of performance, security and DevOps engineers. Our main job was to keep the website running smoothly especially during those high-load events (think Black Friday and Christmas) when the traffic load is forty times normal. It was a really interesting job … till I set my eyes on blockchain technology. I got fascinated by all the innovative products and use cases that could be built on top of it and decided to make a major career switch.

I started working with a team in Romania on various projects for ConsenSys and later joined ConsenSys to work on related projects.

How did you come to join Taraxa?

One of my resolutions for this year was to join an interesting native blockchain project, and one day scrolling through the metaverse I met Steven and Justin. When they explained what they want to build, I got excited and saw lots of potential for applications — so here I am!

Got a question for Leo? Head over to our Discord to learn more about Taraxa’s applications and APIs and get to know the rest of our dev team!



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