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Our big bug bounty is finally here: don’t miss out!

Did you notice something not looking right in our products? Whether it’s in the Taraxa node, on our websites, or in the applications, we’d love to hear from you!

Ever since Taraxa began, we’ve benefited immensely from many in the community who proactively helped to test out our products. We thank everyone who has already made their contribution (shout out to our Discord node pre-testers!), and now giving an opportunity to have a say in what our products might look like to the Taraxa community at large. This bounty will run on a permanent basis, so no limits on your creativity!


There aren’t hard and fast rules to submitting bugs, but we’d like to outline a few general categories of information that’ll make it easier for us (and others) to comprehend, reproduce, and fix the bug:

  • Environment: depending on the product, this could involve the operating system, hardware specifications, browser version, or even your geographical location.
  • Reproduction: please tell us how to reproduce the problem you’re seeing, think of it as a step-by-step guide.
  • Current vs. Expected Behaviors: why is this a problem? Tell us how you expect the product to behave versus how it is currently behaving. Often, it’s not obvious that specific behavior is a bug.
  • Data: please provide any logs, screenshots, or videos that can help towards understanding the problem.
  • Fix: please share, if you have one!

How to submit:

  1. Submit your bug through our community site for our core development team to evaluate and award accordingly (all the rewards are subject to the approval of the Taraxa Foundation).
  2. If your submission has been selected for rewards, it will show up on the Redeem section of the community site.


Rewards will be given out depending on how severe and useful the bug reported was and whether or not the fix was provided. We currently have a three-tier system depending on how critical and valuable a bug report is:

💰10,000 $TARA

💰💰50,000 $TARA

💰💰💰100,000 $TARA

🔨 Happy bug hunting! And don’t forget to join our technical community on Discord.



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