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Secure the privacy of patient data and transparent vaccine trials with Taraxa.

Acting as a catalyst for broader adoption of innovation, COVID19 pushes a number of novel applications for technology in healthcare, clinical research and pharma supply chains. AI for remote disease diagnosis and vaccine trials, blockchain for immunity passports and contact tracing apps, and many more — innovation is powering a permanent change in the medical sector that is here to stay.

What are the upshots of Taraxa’s DLT-powered data collection platform for telemedicine, remote hospital management, and vaccine distribution in the wake of the pandemic?

Confident ownership of sensitive patient data.

In 2019, research by IBM and Harris Insights found that over three-quarters of US citizens (76%) considered it important or extremely important that healthcare services maintain the privacy of their data.

As healthcare providers move some of their services from brink and mortar facilities to virtual care, decentralized technologies for telemedicine enable sharing medical records without compromising their security. At the same time, patients retain control over their personal data.

  • Enhanced security when sharing sensitive patient records between medical institutions.

By anchoring critical them to the blockchain and cryptographically signing, Taraxa brings confidence to tightly regulated data sharing between healthcare providers, FDA, government, insurance companies, research facilities, and patients. Through a transparent audit trail of sensitive patient data, it solves the problem of recurring data leaks due to the absence of security controls over the collection and transfer of data.

  • Confident ownership of user personal data.

The platform lets each stakeholder secure a personal copy of the ledger, rather than a single party having control over the patient data while at the same time ensuring the privacy and integrity of patient data.

Transparent vaccine supply chain.

Every year, some $455 billion of the world’s health care spending is lost to fraud.

Foreign Affairs, November 2017.

When integrated with existing software solutions for protecting clinical research data and drug discovery, Taraxa delivers transparency and traceability using the blockchain ledger to build an electronic, interoperable system to trace prescription drugs and monitor vaccine distribution channels.

Vaccine fraud levels triggered by the multitude of intermediaries.

The vaccine supply chain is full of intermediaries and distributors triggering such issues as vaccine expiration and vaccine record fraud. Taraxa offers an effective, tamper-free management system to support vaccine traceability with smart contracts.

  • Tamper-proofing, authenticity, and completeness guaranteed for any type of clinical data.
  • Clinical records are unaltered, accurate, and complete.
  • Fast and confident verification of clinical records by auditors.

With Taraxa, medical institutions gain much-needed confidence when handling and sharing sensitive patient data with regulators, while consumers and pharma companies enjoy anti-counterfeit strategies for drug discovery and production.



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