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Steven Pu selects the winning questions for our next AMA round!

We thank everyone who submitted their questions for our CEO and co-Founder this week! Here are the six winning questions he picked up, congrats to the winners!

Q.1: How do you deal with the increasing transaction fees and high latency ?

Q.2: How does TARAXA protect the agreements that people sign from being tampered with?

Q.3: What do you think about NFT area? Do you see great potential in it? Do you have plans to cooperate with NFT?

Q.4: Are you planning to hold an incentivized testnet? If so, when it might be launched?

Q.5: In the ever increasing blockchain projects landscape, what do you think makes TARAXA different and possibly better than the others?

And that’s a wrap for today! Be on the lookout for the next month’s AMA and submit your questions on Telegram.



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