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$TARA Payment Guide.

TARA tokens can only be purchased through sale.taraxa.io, no other multi-token wallet will allow you to receive your $TARA.

Step 1: Log in to sale.taraxa.io.

On March 11, we will open the ’Waiting Room’ at sale.taraxa.io where you will be randomly assigned a number in line when the sale opens.

When the public sale starts at 6:00 PM PST, the website will successively tell the queued users that they can start the purchase process.

You’ll be informed about the estimated wait time and receive a notification in your email once you’re good to start your purchase process. Then you’ll be able to log in to the website and see the message that you have passed the KYC. Click ‘DONE’ and select your desired option.

NOTE: The Special option is only visible to users on the Whitelist!

Now sign terms and conditions, please read the “Token Purchase Agreement” carefully, and select “I agree”.

Step 2. Select your payment options.

Specify the amount in USD you wish to invest and enter your ERC-20 address to receive TARA tokens. Now select your payment method:

a. ETH address: We do not recommend sending payments from an exchange account. You can use any custodial/non-custodial wallet to send the payment — MEW, MetaMask, Ledger, Exodus, etc.

b. Options C and S only accept an investment amount of 1000USD.

The minimum investment is 1000USD.

We only accept ETH and USDT-ERC20 for the payment.

Step 3: Confirm payment.

On this page, you have important information to confirm:

a. The amount of your investment and TARA tokens to be purchased;

b. ETH/USD or USDT/USD real-time exchange rate depending on what you selected as your form of payment.

c. Your total in ETH: please make sure you have sufficient balance and handling fees in your wallet.

After confirming, you also need to read and sign the purchase agreement once again(please enter the name as shown on your ID) and click “I agree” for the next step.

Step 4: Make the payment.

Send funds to the address indicated in the specified field, or scan the QR-code. You have two options here:

a. Mobile payment: scan the payment code with your wallet app, or transfer the corresponding amount to the specified address.

b. Desktop payment: you can use any ERC-20 web wallet, such as MEW, Meta Mask, Ledger, etc.

NOTE: The payment QR-codes and payment addresses are uniquely generated for each individual. Please do not share addresses with other users, otherwise your investment will be returned.

NOTE: Please do not transfer from an exchange address, all transfers must come from a wallet address.

Step 5: Get your receipt.

After the payment is successful, you will receive a receipt in your mailbox. Click on ‘View Receipt’ to see the details of your purchase. Congratulations, your purchase process is now complete!

NOTE: If you’d like to purchase a different option after you’re done, please click on the “Profile” in the upper right corner of the webpage to return to the option check interface. Now repeat the all the steps described in this guide.

How to claim your TARA tokens.

After the public sale has ended, we will give instructions on how to claim your tokens through a dedicated token distribution portal. You will need to have an ERC-20 wallet set up for this (any type of wallet works).

Got questions? Ask us on Telegram, or email support@taraxa.io.



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