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Taraxa AMA Transcript: Sep 15, 2022.

A quick recap of last week’s AMA with Steven

✅ Roadmap Milestone 1: Native Token Conversion.

Network Security:

  • We received a preliminary security audit report from Halborn, and now working together on a final report. Once the final report is ready, we’ll be able to hand it over to the exchanges to integrate the TARA native token into their systems.
  • Continued aggressive stress-testing of the network and fixing the current protocol issues, pointed out by Halborn. We were able to address most of them including potential DDoS attacks.

Community Site, Explorer, and Documentation:

  • Completed on-chain economics integration into the Community Site and deploying the tests on the development network, and then on to the mainnet candidate. This will eventually remove the KYC requirements for staking yields.
  • Improved the stability of the Explorer, which is a crucial graphic user interface to keep track of transactions on the network. We’re very close to completing the GraphQL integration into Explorer to improve the its stability.
  • Completed the exchange integration technical documentation. Taraxa’s RPC layer is fully backwards-compatible with Ethereum, so we don’t expect any technical difficulties, as the exchanges can just port over the code from Ethereum and change the RPC node they connect to. So, the exchange’s conversion queue-time shouldn’t be driven by technical difficulty, but there might be a backlog from other projects.

✅ Roadmap Milestone 2: Social Listening Platform.

Analytics Layer:

While we’re moving forward on all aspects of the application data collection, and data analytics for a decentralized data collection client, we’d like to highlight the progress made on the Hype app’s analytics layer.

Analytics Layer Highlight: Spam Detection

Echo and Hype are currently integrated with Telegram, simultaneously listening in on a few thousand public Telegram groups’ conversations to figure out who’s making quality contributions.

This tweet earlier was hit by hundreds of obvious bot replies

🚀 Watch this space for more updates!

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