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Taraxa Project

Taraxa: bringing trust to the machine world.

Steven’s vision

Ultimately, the system that was designed to manage complexity has become far too complex and inefficient itself getting to the point where it destroys more value than it creates.

As we see, centralized governance over economic units has worked out very well up to a point, but today it doesn’t work so well anymore and will only get worse.

Okay, so how do you coordinate when economic interactions become too complex? How about introducing decentralization to distribute the load among the participants.

Just like with the corporate and social decentralization of governance to handle complex human interactions, the next logical step would be to apply this model to handle interactions between IoT devices.

We are not chasing a ‘killer dApp’

Here’s how Taraxa is paving the way for decentrally-run independent IoT units of the future.

Taraxa’s applications cover the full range of IoT lifecycle

Watch this space to see track our progress and check out Taraxa’s Github to discover our tech stack.



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