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Taraxa Community UPD: April 2021.

Chainlink integration, Pollen cross-chain bridge, and more Community perks!

In the run-up to Taraxa’s incentivized testnet and mainnet, we’d like to add more transparency to our development and marketing efforts.

A quick overview of this month’s progress:

  1. Started working with Chainlink on a timestamp oracle integration:

2. More AMAs and partnerships secured:

3. Launched Taraxa Blockchain Club and #Learn video series:

4. Launched Community Claim Site:

In the press:


What’s next?


Next up on Taraxa’s technical Roadmap is the roll-out of our first incentivized testnet. We are now stress-testing the nodes to get everything ready for the launch in the next couple of weeks.


We’ve been adding new functionality to Marinate, refining the UX, and, most importantly, building out the open API to make future integrations with messengers and chat apps possible.


With the re-launch of Taraxa’s community site, we’re now super-charging our community efforts and getting ready to roll out a massive 90-day campaign that will feature an Ambassador program and many more ways to participate in the development of our network.



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