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Taraxa Community Update — October 2020

➕ The Product: on the road to Taraxa’s first flagship application.

This month marks two major achievements both on the development and application sides. First off, we’ve launched a stable public testnet that demonstrates our layer-one ledger’s initial set of capabilities and paves the way for deploying Taraxa’s applications at scale.

But more importantly, we’re wrapping up the MVP for our flagship product aimed at bringing clarity and speed of resolution to informal handshake agreements. With the ultimate goal of minimizing the risk of disputes and costly litigation, the app will serve as a much-needed layer of transparency and accountability for everyday business agreements of any scale.

We see the immediate product-market fit in the North American construction industry where 24 billion U.S. dollars is spent annually to resolve operational disputes caused by inefficiencies in coordinating critical change order approvals. More broadly, the platform will add clarity and verifiability to complex, multi-party processes (asset leasing, financial factoring), rapidly changing working environments (construction, supply chain management), and heavily regulated sectors (healthcare informatics, contract research).

We’ve also been exploring more market opportunities in IoT for Helio, our hardware endpoints solution that offers tamper-free digital identities to facilitate heavy asset monitoring. The MVP was launched in March, and now the product is in a pilot version with our customers in Japan.

➕ The Community: Q&A with Steven and incentives for the testnet participants.

In the aftermath of LA Blockchain Summit, we’re happy to share the recording of Steven’s panel along with the transcript of the Q&A held after.

We also held a meetup in Shanghai together with Chainlink, Mask, and Celer where Steven shared the latest on Taraxa’s product development and spoke in-depth about our flagship application.

On the tech side, we’re planning to roll out an incentive distribution plan for the early participants of the Taraxa testnet to let developers, node operators, and validators get the taste of the network’s capabilities. More details on the incentivization and how you can participate will be shared via the testnet repository.

Last but not least — we’re hiring remotely for a range of mid-level developer roles, go check out the list here.

➕ The Tech: First stable public testnet shipped!

We’re excited to announce a major milestone for Aphrogenes testnet: it is now live in public mode, and you can go check out the block explorer here. Developers will be able to set up a Taraxa node and test out the preliminary EVM-integration. Smart contract deployment, the block explorer to visualize DAG, and Metamask wallet integration are next up on the ledger roadmap.

Get in touch to learn more about Taraxa’s applications, follow us on Twitter for product updates and feature announcements, and chat with our team on Telegram.



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