$TARA sale closed, exchange listings coming up!

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2 min readMar 15, 2021


We’d like to thank all the investors and the Taraxa community for making TARA public sale a huge success!

The investor demand we saw was vastly underestimated, with the total allocation sold out in only 34 minutes! Here are some more stats:

  • More than 16k registered users.
  • More than 10k passed KYC.
  • $150mn of investment interest according to the KYC survey.

Addressing our Community’s concerns.

We’d like to address head-on our community’s concerns about not being able to participate in the sale. Indeed, due to the overwhelming number of participants, there were unexpected issues with Tokensoft’s system handling all the requests on-time. That’s why together with our technical partner, we’ll be conducting a security and compliance audit of all participants who have made investments. If found to be in violation, the participants’ funds will be returned. Examples of past violations are using bots to take up space in the waiting room, making investments above the maximum check size, investing with multiple accounts using the same ID, etc. This process typically takes about three weeks, and we will have a finalized accounting of our total funds raised after the audit has been completed.

More importantly, we will be rolling out some extra rewards for all community members who were whitelisted (had over 1000 points prior to the public sale) for the sale! Please follow our further announcements.

Coming up: exchange listing, incentivized node operations, staking, and the mainnet!

We are committed to the long-term success of the project and its vision, and see this public sale as an additional runway for technology, product, and business development. It will pave the way for the upcoming listing of TARA, which is already being finalized with a few major crypto exchanges. Our goal here is to list as soon as possible to ensure that our community and supporters could get the liquidity they need.

On the product side, we have a lot planned for partnerships and applications. We’ll be rolling out more integrations with Marinate to give our community members a first-hand experience in how they can track informal everyday agreements.

We’re now starting to onboard node operators and validators to the Taraxa testnet, and then rolling out incentives in the form of block rewards and staking to let token owners earn income by participating in the network through delegation. This will contribute to its overall stability as the tokens will remain indispensable within the network.