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Taraxa Monthly UPD: April 2022.

A busy month of building, traveling, and growing the Taraxa ecosystem!

We made it through the month of April and would love to share some major progress on the Taraxa network, application, and community. You can track all the recent developments on the Roadmap page that’s updated regularly. Diving right in!

👾 ⚙️ Ecosystem:

The Taraxa infrastructure is being gradually built out in line with our recently updated vision — go check it out, if you haven’t yet! Here’s a comprehensive picture of what the ecosystem will look like once accomplished:

On the development side, our main focus right now is native token conversion and exchange integration to be able to work with Taraxa mainnet, once deployed. We’ve also started looking more closely into the tokenomics to make sure TARA has a viable token model to perform well. Some latest stats for the network growth:

Taraxa GitHub activity for the month of April.

More highlights of the development process:


We’ve officially introduced Echo — a social-listen platform that adds to Taraxa’s app stack to quantify and direct attention in online communities by creating an infinite set of trusted and composable social signals. Our flagship app is called ‘Hype’ with ‘hype-farming’ as tagline — and we think it’s pretty cool!

We started the development process in November last year by creating a massive data collection layer that currently demonstrates a pretty stable performance: as of now late April, it is indexing more than 3,000 Telegram groups, with the target of~8,500 with a minimal bot turnover. Initial mockups and UX designs have been completed. The strategy for adoption is coming together as well, and we are now talking to a group of KOLs to become our initial focus group for feedback on the app’s features and functionalities.

In other application news, we’re happy to see our partner Unicask successfully working on their NFT project:

👥 🔛Community:

We can’t thank enough our awesome community of stakers and node operators for keeping the Taraxa network running. By the end of the month, the number of nodes reached 351 and 57 nodes on the testnet and mainnet respectively, while the TARA staking pool grew to 484M. As always, we’re happy to reward the best-performant nodes:

The community site remains our focus with work done on automated reward calculation mechanisms for staking yields and node commissions to help distribute the bounty rewards faster, and used as a sanity check against the economics of the Layer-1.

Always good to hear the CEO first-hand, so Steven hosted a very comprehensive AMA on the Echo platform and the upcoming applications, your can stream the recording here:

Surely, the highlight of the month is Devconnect in Amsterdam — a week of networking with fellow crypto projects and occasional hacking (mostly local cheese and beer spots, but still!). Always interesting to see what others are up to, and they're definitely some prospective collaborations to be pursued!

👾😎🙏🏽We thank everyone for being early supporters of the Taraxa ecosystem, especially our node operators and stakers. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter for more news next month!

Stay tuned:

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