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Taraxa Monthly UPD — December 2020.

The last update of the year!

New ecosystem partner using Taraxa's blockchain tops the charts.

This month, we've expanded our client network with the first partnership that uses Taraxa's blockchain for a full-fledged platform. Marinate's trial version runs on Taraxa to make everyday business contracts easily trackable and accountable, and made it to the top new-50 US apps on Google Play! Congratulations to the team on excellent product-market fit and stellar user demand for collaborating on informal agreements with external stakeholders

This is only one example of our major service offering based on the tamper-proof auditing backend that makes any business process transparent and accountable, targeting a full range of enterprise applications and services — from messengers and collaboration platforms to productivity suits and CRM platforms. We’ll be adding more customer integrations early next year, so if you’d like to be one of the first to try out Taraxa’s infrastructure tools and services, reach out at info@taraxa.io

Optimizing Taraxa public testnet.

Things have been moving quickly on the tech side, with Taraxa public testnet running sound and stable. You can check out the block explorer and sandbox. This month, we’ve added advanced node syncing functionalities and GraphQL implementation, fixed PBFT verification and syncing, and optimized the DAG syncing.

Developers will soon be able to set up a Taraxa node and test out the preliminary EVM-integration. Smart contract deployment, the block explorer to visualize DAG, and Metamask wallet integration are up next on the ledger roadmap.

Calling for early testnet participants.

We are about to roll out the community engagement activities for developers, node operators, and node validators. All the documentation is now ready and will be shared on the testnet repository.

For those who want to build — we’re hiring for a range of mid-level Go and C++ engineer roles. Check out all the latest openings at https://angel.co/company/taraxa/jobs

Follow our Twitter and Github for announcements and product updates, or chat with our team on Telegram. Happy holidays, and see you next year!



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