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Taraxa Newsletter: November 2019

Thank you all for keeping in touch with Taraxa’s progress! Here are some highlights of the month while we’re working hard through Thanksgiving!

Practical Blockchain Meetup during SF Blockchain Week

Taraxa co-hosted a meetup during the SF Blockchain Week with Algorand and Celer to talk about practical applications in blockchain, and the challenges projects face when implementing real world applications.

The meetup was well-attended by a wide variety of IoT as well as blockchain technology enthusiasts and startups, it was great to meet everyone!

Connected Contract Meetup in China

Taraxa is honored to have been invited by Chainlink to its meetup in China’s Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference, sharing the stage with Conflux, Lino Network, MakerDAO, and MyKey. Taraxa shared its IoT use cases in Japan which connect data from the real world to help reinforce trust in business models.

Taraxa Visits Conflux’s Beijing Headquarters

While in Beijing, Taraxa’s founder Steven Pu visited Conflux’s headquarters and chatted with Conflux’s co-founder and CTO Wu Ming, and in the process was interviewed by Conflux’s community team to learn more about our project. What a visit!

Both Taraxa and Conflu’s xunderlying blockchain topologies were inspired by the same set of papers written by Zohar and Sompolinsky: GHOST, Spectre, and Phantom. We hope to continue our technical exchange going forward!

Panel with Chainlink, Conflux, and Lino Network

During our Beijing trip we stopped by a meetup with Chainlink, Conflux and Lino Network.

The audience was particularly lively with many fascinating questions, one of which inspired us to write an article in our ongoing Blockchain 101 series, explaining the different kinds of data and what blockchain is able guarantee for each type.

Whitepaper on Github, Economics, Governance

Taraxa has released its whitepaper onto Github to make it easier for our team and community to collaborate. We have also added in preliminary versions of our economics and governance designs. Here are the links,

We welcome your feedback and constructive criticism!


Stay tuned.



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