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Taraxa Newsletter: October 2019

Thank you everyone for keeping in touch with Taraxa’s progress. Together we have achieved so much in October 2019, here are the highlights,

  • Keynote speaker at RIETI’s Next Blockchain Symposium, the first blockchain event held by the Japanese government
  • Co-authored “Next Blockchain”, a book on blockchain in partnership with RIETI’s president Yano Makoto, published by Nikkei
  • Keynote speaker at Wanxiang’s main stage during the Shanghai International Blockchain Week
  • Co-hosted the Practical Blockchain & IoT meetup at MIT with Algorand and our adviser Professor Maurice Herlihy
  • Released the second version of our testnet Aphrogenes, far more performant than the previous month’s release

RIETI (a division of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) Next Blockchain Symposium

Taraxa is honored to have the opportunity to present our vision for how decentralization and blockchain could make positive contributions to Japanese society at the very first blockchain symposium held by the Japanese government, to an audience of more than 400 Japanese corporate executives and policy makers.

RIETI Next Blockchain Symposium, October 7, 2019

Co-authored the Next Blockchain Book with the President of RIETI, Yano Makoto

Taraxa had the fortunate opportunity to be included in RIETI’s blockchain study group since early 2018 and co-authored a book, the Next Blockchain, along with the President of RIETI Mr. Yano Makoto.

Taraxa is proud to be building the technical infrastructure which helps Japan realize its Society 5.0 vision!

“Next Blockchain” Nikkei flyer

We were so excited when the book hit the shelves of every major bookstore in Japan (published by Nikkei), that we went bookstore hopping!

Main Stage Keynote at the Shanghai International Blockchain Week

Taraxa introduced itself to the Chinese community with a BANG! We were invited by Wanxiang Blockchain to speak during its Shanghai International Blockchain Week, where we shared our vision for deploying practical applications that solve problems and generate value today.

Thanks to all our friends and community members, and all our partners in the Chinese blockchain media who gave us such generous coverage!

Practical Blockchain & IoT Meetup at MIT

Taraxa co-hosted a meetup with Algorand’s Brian Olson as well as Taraxa’s adviser Professor Maurice Herlihy.

Taraxa shared its philosophy and the real world use cases it has deployed (e.g., arcade machine leasing, mobility data sharing, coopertition in smart parking). Professor Herlihy shared his latest research into concurrency in smart contracts, which Taraxa is in the process of implementing and doing follow-up research upon. Brian shared some of the technical challenges and solutions Algorand ran into during their implementations.

Over 100 attendees showed up for a lively discussion! We’ll be sharing more detailed responses to many of these excellent questions in our Blockchain 101 article series.

Aphrogenes Testnet Release

Taraxa has released the second version of its testnet, titled Aphrogenes, named after a dandelion species from the island of Cypress (fun fact in case you didn’t know: Taraxa is short for taraxacum officinale, the “common dandelion”).

The primary goal of this release is to strongly improve the node stability from the previous release. You can learn more about our testnet release in our documentation.

We are working to release our incentive scheme for testnet participants, stayed tuned for that.


Stay tuned.



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