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Taraxa Progress UPD: September 2022.

A bit overdue, yet it’s here: a monthly overview of the Taraxa network progress!

  • 576M TARA staked, 552M TARA delegated.
  • 55 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet Candidate
  • 171 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 514 commits across Github top repos.
State of the Taraxa network on SEP 30, 2022.
Commits in Taraxa’s top GitHub repos.

For the Taraxa Protocol, the primary focus continues to be the network’s Security:

  • Completed security and stress tests on the devnet, and pushed the latest version of the node to the testnet, this represents over 10 months of features, performance optimizations, and security fixes.
  • Continued to stress test the node on the testnet, after it’s been thoroughly tested the node will be pushed to the mainnet.

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, we focused on the Community Site, Explorer, and Documentation:

  • Deployed the community site that's compatible with the new testnet's on-chain economics.
  • Continued to work on the GraphQL-enabled version of the new explorer.

We continued to make progress on the Analytics layer for the Hype app:

  • Completed the first few rounds of testing on the analytics pipeline, moving to refine our NLP algorithms for relevance detection.

All monthly updates now track Taraxa’s Roadmap 2022.

If you staked but haven’t delegated yet, please do so ASAP to keep earning yield: how to delegate your TARA.



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