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Taraxa Progress UPD: Weeks 16–20.

A monthly snap of our building process with some major highlights of the Taraxa network’s progress is here!

Overall progress:

Here are general stats for the Taraxa network as of May 31, 2022:

⚡️⚡️ In case you missed it, all updates now track Taraxa’s Roadmap 2022

💚 If you have staked but have not delegated, please do so ASAP! A step-by-step guide: https://youtu.be/GOV4BGmjcHk.

GitHub activity in Taraxa’s top repos.

Progress Highlights: Ledger / Protocol.

For the Taraxa Protocol, the primary focus was the network’s Economics and Security, while we wrapped up all critical Stability features and fixes.

  • Nearly completed economic contracts (pre-compiled) that govern on-chain staking, delegation, and fees.
  • Documenting the ledger’s architecture with flow diagrams and code walkthroughs in preparation for the security audit (by Halborn) which is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2022.
  • Variety of bug fixes, including one involving nonce that caused transaction failures.

Progress Highlights: Ecosystem.

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, our focus is still on improving the Community Site. There were a number of bugs that caused quite a bit of confusion, they’ve been fixed and we apologize for the inconvenience they caused.

  • Finalized the automatic reward mechanism responsible for staking yields and node commissions on the mainnet candidate.
  • Updated the way staking yields are displayed, instead of a constantly ticking number on the staking dashboard, they’re now updated monthly to accurately reflect the constantly fluctuating staking/delegation activities.
  • Fixed bugs involving delegation and rewards involving UI/UX issues.

Progress Highlights: Social Listening Platform + Hype App.

We continue to make progress on the Echo platform now with a focus on scaling up the data collection, conducting experiments on analytics, and began working on the Hype app:

  • Continued to work on the Data Provider Layer of the Echo platform trying to resolve issues when scaling from collecting data from 3,000 Telegram groups to our target of ~8,000 without being banned. We are exploring in parallel centralized approaches (as a short-term solution), as well as a decentralized architecture to ensure that we successfully solve the problem.
  • Defined a preliminary flow for the first iteration of Echo’s Data Analytics Layer with a focus on the Hype app use case. We are now conducting analytics experiments in quantifying each message’s relevance to a specific ad campaign (hype pool), and will share preliminary details when ready!
  • Started building the Hype app’s UI/UX and wallet-based login systems.

😎 Stay tuned:

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