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Taraxa Progress UPD: Weeks 21–25.

A monthly snap of the Taraxa network’s progress is here!

State of the network as of June 29, 2022:

  • 531M TARA staked, 502M TARA delegated.
  • 307 network validators.
  • 56 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet Candidate
  • 229 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 370 commits across Github’s top repos (May 30— June 30).

🔽 In case you missed it, all updates now track Taraxa’s Roadmap 2022

🔽 If you staked but haven’t delegated yet, please do so ASAP to keep earning yield: how to delegate TARA.

Activity in top GitHub repos: June 2022.

✅ Progress Highlights: Native Token Conversion.

For the Taraxa Protocol, the primary focus was the network’s Economics and Security:

  • All precompiled on-chain economic contracts completed and integrated, ready to begin internal testing.
  • Began designing and deploying small-scale stress tests on the Taraxa network.

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, our focus is still on improving the Community Site:

  • Refined the automated rewards calculation mechanisms to be used as a check against on-chain economics.
  • Made significant progress on a wallet-based login system that could eliminate many of the challenges (e.g., wallet address changes) often faced by community members.
  • Working closely with Halborn, our ledger security auditor, to ramp up their tests, which began on June 1, 2022. The initial priorities are: Networking & RPC, Consensus, Cryptography & Wallet, and On-chain Economic Contracts.

✅ Progress Highlights: Social Listening App Platform.

We continue to make progress on the Social Listening app, with a focus on:

  • Developed promising methods & leads to creating a stable data collection layer, currently being tested at increasingly larger scales.
  • Significant progress made on the Hype app’s development, including front-end UI, Telegram account authentication, wallet-based login, and on-chain contracts.

We’ll keep you posted on all further developments, especially token conversion and security audit, so make sure you follow our Twitter updates!

😎 Stay tuned:

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