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Taraxa Progress UPD: August 2022.

A monthly overview of the Taraxa network progress is here!

State of the network on August 31, 2022:

  • 575M TARA staked, 551M TARA delegated.
  • 58 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet Candidate.
  • 206 active consensus nodes on the Testnet.
  • 488 commits across Github top repos.
State of the Taraxa network on AUG 31, 2022.
Commits in Taraxa’s top GitHub repos.

✅ Progress Highlights: Native Token Conversion.

For the Taraxa Protocol, the primary focus continues to be the network’s Security:

  • Received and reviewed Halborn’s (audited Solana, Polygon, BAYC) preliminary security audit report: now addressing all the reported issues and working together with the firm on a final report.
  • Continued aggressive stress-testing and fixing all the current protocol issues, while making performance optimizations as appropriate.
  • Thoroughly analyzed and resolved numerous DDoS attack vectors, working on final security testing to wrap up.

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, we focused on the Community Site, Explorer and Documentation:

  • Completed the on-chain economics integration into the Community Site, moving into the testing phase.
  • Currently in the last stages of integrating GraphQL into the Explorer to improve speed and stability.
  • Completed the exchange integration technical documentation that will be handed to the exchanges along with the security audit report — to be published on Taraxa’s technical docs site.

✅ Progress Highlights: Social Listening Platform.

We continued to make progress on the Analytics layer for the Hype app:

  • Completed the first version of the spam detection algorithm based on locality-sensitive hashing, preliminary results on the three million-message data set look very good!
  • Moving into testing our analytics pipeline with a 100x larger data set than our initial tests, to ensure quality and performance.
Taraxa Roadmap UPD: August 2022.

🔽 All monthly updates now track Taraxa’s Roadmap 2022.

💰💰 If you staked but haven’t delegated yet, please do so ASAP to keep earning yield: how to delegate your TARA.

🚀 Watch this space for more updates!

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Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast & scalable Layer-1 public ledger designed to help democratize reputation by making informal data trustworthy.

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