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Taraxa Progress Update: December, 2022

State of the network as of December 31, 2022:

📣📣 Please delegate your staked tokens! 📣📣

No delegation = No yield, please double-check to make sure your staked tokens are delegated!

Taraxa Network Status
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✅ Monthly Progress Highlights

After our successful security audit with Halborn, we had a great conversation with the Halborn team highlighting the importance of security to a Layer-1 network.

Development team contacted all the exchanges that currently lists TARA, and submitted the completed audit report and the exchange integration documentation to start confirming a timeframe by which the native token conversion could happen. We’ve thus far heard back from heard back from three (3) exchanges on which TARA is listed: Kucoin, Gate, and AscendEx.

Right before Christmas the team identified a bug that caused some issues on the mainnet and was able to get it fixed in the middle of the holiday season, go Taraxa dev team! 🥳🥳

Members of the core dev team, Steven, Justin, and Leo conducted an AMA to highlight the significant milestone that was the latest mainnet. You can see the video here,

Taraxa AMA on the latest Mainnet milestone w/ Steven, Justin, and Leo

and the transcript here,

Stay tuned! 🪁

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Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast & scalable Layer-1 public ledger designed to help democratize reputation by making informal data trustworthy.

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