Taraxa Progress Update: February, 2023

Steven Pu
Taraxa Project
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State of the network as of March 4, 2023:

  • 842M TARA staked
  • 736M TARA delegated
  • 46 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet
  • 186 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 615 monthly commits across top repos in Github

🪁 Keeping up with the latest network stats

Taraxa Network Status — February 2023
Taraxa Development Activity — February 2023

💡 February focus: preparing for the native token conversion

  • Constant communication with exchanges to collaborate with technical tests and negotiating a firm conversion timeframe
  • Ledger team feature-froze the node and focused on tests only
  • Ecosystem team focused on supporting apps to the ledger, namely, explorer and community site
  • Read more about the native token conversion in the docs

📒 Ledger Updates

  • ⛽️ Put a gas limit on DAG block tips, bounding the size of the PBFT block
  • 🧵 Implemented state change tracing
  • 🔒 Replaced C++ boost locks with standard locks
  • ⚖️ Tuning DAG block production chances to be more proportional to delegation
  • 🛡️ Improved DDoS protection
  • 🔒 Moving testnet into a feature-freeze mode in preparation for the native token conversion
  • 🏗️ Fixed bugs in the db-rebuilding functionality
  • 🛡️ Improved node’s ability to check its own db for consistency on startup
  • 🪶 All nodes on the internal dev-net are now light nodes, stress testing for release onto the testnet
  • 🐞 Fixed graphQL query bugs that caused testnet nodes to crash
  • ⚙️ Small functionality to allow operators to override config settings via CLI
  • 🥧 DAG vs. delegation proportionality tuning deployed on devnet, looks good so far!
  • 🐞 Corrected the wrong assumption that gossiped packet validity is always tied to the gossiping node’s state
  • 🪲 Fixed node crashing issue when asked for a future block via PRC
  • 🧪 Fixed various RPC & P2P unit tests

🌱 Ecosystem Updates

  • 💨 Improved performance + stability of the new explorer
  • 🌅 Re-tuned the explorer to recognize the genesis block as a non-standard initialization
  • 🗂️ Fixed some indexing bugs on the explorer
  • 🗂️ Building a node-side indexer to serve historical records to explorer & community site
  • 🔧 Published a Go-lang library used to interface with the node
  • 🧪 Deployed stress tests to simulate random shutdowns & delegations

Stay tuned! 🪁

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