Taraxa Progress Update: November, 2022

Steven Pu
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2 min readDec 2, 2022


State of the network as of December 1, 2022:

  • 701M TARA staked
  • 417M TARA delegated (mainnet candidate just reset, allow some time for delegation to recover)
  • 32 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet (per node delegation cap went up 8x to 80M so # of nodes went down)
  • 198 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 534 commits across top repos in Github

📣📣 Please delegate your staked tokens! 📣📣

No delegation = No yield, please double-check to make sure your staked tokens are delegated!

Taraxa Network Status
Taraxa Github Activity

✅ Progress Highlights: Native Token Conversion.
For the Taraxa Protocol, we made major strides towards token conversion:

  • Completed the security audit with Halborn! You can find the final security audit report here in Halborn’s github.
  • Reset the mainnet candidate with the latest stable build, please remember to re-delegate your tokens, and node operators please kick-start new nodes!
  • Stress-testing the light node to help greatly reduce disk space requirements for node operators.

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, we focused on supporting the mainnet candidate reset:

  • Updated the community site to work with the latest mainnet build, as well as native on-chain economics (e.g., staking, gas fees).
  • Deployed a new graphQL-enabled explorer, fixing a few last issues with the production environment.

✅ Progress Highlights: Social Listening Platform.
We continued to make progress on the Analytics & Data layers for the Hype app:

  • Stabilized the data collection layer, now collecting Telegram messages without data gaps across 7,600+ public chat groups.
  • Productionized the analytics pipeline, now in the process of tying it to the Hype app frontend.
  • Wrapping up the Hype app frontend and smart contracts, including reward claims and hype pool creation.

Stay tuned! 🪁

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