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Taraxa Progress Update: Weeks 10–11, 2022

State of the Network

In case you missed it, all updates now track Taraxa’s Roadmap 2022!

As of March 30, 2022, here’s the state of the Taraxa network.

  • 436 million TARA staked, 377 million TARA delegated
  • 57 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet Candidate
  • 259 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 175 commits across the top repos in Taraxa’s Github for the past month

If you have staked but have not delegated, please do so ASAP! Here’s a step by step video on how to delegate: https://youtu.be/GOV4BGmjcHk.

Progress Highlights: Native Token Conversion

For the Taraxa Protocol, Stability and Security are still the primary focus. In this update period, the dev team has focused on the following issues,

  • Deploying another iteration of fixes for the oscillations in VRF difficulty to make DAG block production more stable onto the testnet after discovering a critical bug. We’re optimistic that we’ve caught the primary culprit this time 👊🐛
  • Implemented a mechanism for generating empty PBFT blocks if the network experiences extremely low throughput or has seen some stalling in the DAG, this guarantees forward network progress at a predictable pacing
  • All security-driven gossip rules & blacklisting features have been implemented onto the testnet, we’re observing the impact but thus far looking very good 🚀

For the Taraxa Ecosystem, focus is still on polishing the Community Site,

  • Made significant progress on the automated reward calculation scripts, which will later be used as a check against the ledger’s rewards calculation mechanisms
  • Continuing improvements on the UI/UX, for Delegation and Redemption sections

For Documentation,

  • Continued to focus on exchange integration, will be completed soon, this is critical to exchanges being able to integrate with the mainnet
  • Continued to focus on the whitepaper update, with an emphasis on describing at a high level how the algorithms are implemented, critical to audit firms getting a good understanding for the ledger

For Exchange Integration, our focus is on the the security audit,

  • Exchanges have approved of the audit approach, awaiting feedback from the legal on the audit contracts

Progress Highlights: Social Listening App Platform

We continue to make progress on the Social Listening app, with a focus on,

  • The data collection layer is near completion!
  • Published a preview of the social listening platform: Taraxa Echo
  • Drafted mockups and initial UI/UX designs for Hype, the first DApp that’ll sit on top of Echo

We’re very eager to show you our progress on our application and will release some more details around our planning very soon!

Thank you and stay tuned! 😄

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