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Taraxa Progress Update: Weeks 8–9, 2022

State of the Network

  • 415 million TARA staked, 355 million TARA delegated
  • 57 active consensus nodes on the Mainnet Candidate
  • 300 active consensus nodes on the Testnet
  • 459 commits across the top repos in Taraxa’s Github for the past month

Progress Highlights: Native Token Conversion

  • Refining our fixes for the oscillations in VRF difficulty to make DAG block production more stable. Our prior fixes were deployed onto the testnet, they solved parts but not the whole problem, we’re hunting down other causes of the instability.
  • PBFT block production chances are now proportional to delegation as expected on the testnet.
  • First implementation of the pruning light node is completed and being tested, which will help to vastly reduce the amount of disk space needed to operate a node, being tested on the devnet.
  • Added DDoS protection by strictly enforcing packet validation at the network layer, being tested on the devnet.
  • All functionalities associated with delegation are completed and live on the community site
  • Making improvements on the UI/UX for TARA redemption
  • Prioritized to focus on making progress on the exchange integration documentation, as it is a critical part of getting exchanges on board with the native token conversion
  • Collected finalized security audit approaches & quotes from several reputable audit firms
  • Submitted the audit approaches to exchanges to get their approval, once approved, the dev team will schedule a time with the selected audit firm to begin the security audit

Progress Highlights: Social Listening App Platform

  • Deployed several single instances of the data gathering client to ensure that they are stable, and collecting messages as expected.
  • Planned out the preliminary crypto-economics of the first DApp that’ll make use of the social listening platform.



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