Taraxa Project Update: 2019–02

Technical Update

block DAG Ledger

  • P2P node discovery and gossip (block and transaction transmission) fully integrated into the node
  • Naïve bootstrapping (will improve later)
  • gPRC framework around the node completed
  • Fully-characterized block DAG re-ordering risk
  • Set up simple node testing environment with Docker and Kubernetes, and logging with Fluentd and Elasticsearch in preparation for an internal developer testnet
  • Begun simulation of adversarial models (forced reordering, partitioning, double-spending, etc.)
  • Up next: a functional internal developer testnet


  • Able to capture all EVM’s load / store interactions with persistent storage
  • Up next: run conflict detection simulations with real contracts

Application Update

Per usual we won’t announce the specifics of applications and partnerships unless they’re confirmed in writing and we have solid prototypes to show for it. However, we’ve made interesting progress lately in two areas that our team is very excited about, as they are use cases where blockchain adds genuine value: intellectual property licensing (Japan), and automotive parts quality certifications (Germany, China, US). Our team and our partners are very convinced of value-adding role blockchain can play in these use cases, and both could be leveraged to penetrate into offline physical goods later on — i.e., helps us to get into more IoT / sensor related use cases.

We’re also exploring a wide variety of other use cases and will update the community as the opportunities become more concrete.

Community Update

Taraxa is proud to be part of the Longhash family, and during mid-May through mid-June, we’ll be visiting Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai to give the wider community an update on our project’s progress thus far and highlight some of the technical innovations as well as some preliminary applications we’ve deploying with partners. These events are all done with the help of the Longhash network, and we look forward to meeting new friends and supporters!

Stay tuned.