Taraxa Project Update: 2019–03

Technical Update

block DAG Ledger

  • Internal testnet deployed, conducting active testing and optimizations
  • block DAG ordering algorithm deployed
  • VRF + PBFT to finalize block DAG deployed
  • PBFT vote broadcasting
  • Node synchronization
  • Up next: continuous testing and metrics profiling


  • Modified concurrent EVM deployed
  • Created a conflict exception for account nonce to minimize contention
  • Concurrent schedule generation
  • Concurrent processing according to schedule
  • C / C++ APIs to the Go-EVM libraries
  • Up next: profile performance gains with historical ETH transactions

Community Update

Taraxa is embarking on a global trip! Here’s a preliminary schedule, details TBD. If you’re going to be close to one of these places, give us a shout out!

  • May 17, 2019: Berlin CryptoCon
  • May 18–19: Berlin Longhash Hackday, Taraxa’s challenge is #3
  • May 22: Tokyo Taraxa meetup with Columbia MBA Club
  • May 22: Tokyo Taraxa meetup with Stanford GSB Club meetup
  • May 23: Tokyo Taraxa meetup with Neutrino & ETH community
  • May 25: Shanghai Taraxa meetup with Longhash, Cybex, and Nebula communities
  • June 3: Singapore Taraxa meetup
  • June 6–7: Singapore Longhash DLT Compass, Taraxa a panelist

Stay tuned.