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Taraxa Tech Update — Week 30

More work done on block DAG and Taraxa’s concurrent virtual machine.

As we’re moving further towards the next network release, we keep adding more fixes and refactorings to Aphrogenes Testnet.

Throughput optimization

Taraxa enables the rapid finalization of the block DAG to maximize the network’s throughput. Done this week:

  • Fixed the DAG minimum proposal time and the config file;
  • Fixed the VDF solution verification, difficulty and lambda calculation;
  • WIP: fixing the unit tests affected by the integrated DAG-VDF proposal.

Concurrent Virtual Machine

To maximize transaction processing, Taraxa’s EVM sends the concurrent execution schedules to the core consensus layer enabling rapid validation without executing an entire contract. This week we’ve implemented the stake delegation contract and other minor fixes along the way.

If you’d like to contribute to Taraxa, be sure to reach out on Telegram and check our GitHub. Stay tuned!

website: taraxa.io

twitter: twitter.com/taraxa_project

telegram: t.me/taraxa_project

discord: discord.gg/WaXnwUb



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