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Taraxa Testnet Weekly Update.

New refactors and bug fixes to Aphrogenes testnet, more work on the application layer.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Testing running status packet corrupted at local. Running five nodes with 10 TPS cannot reproduce at local for running 5+ hours.
  • Fixed block DAG syncing issue.
  • WIP: implementing the embedded config management in the Taraxa node.

Application: Marinate’s UX and open API.

  • Onboarded Circle CI to streamline the code pipeline.
  • Separate testing and core dump for nodes.
  • Fixes to Jenkins CI, work on migration to Circle CI.
  • Fixes to the Community Site, new site release now live.
  • Finished the Flutter routing.
  • Finalizing the state manager.
  • Finished the App Bar for unauthenticated users.
  • WIP: the App Bar for authenticated users.
  • Migrating the Pending page.
  • Done with the Login, Log Out and Sign Up pages.

Learn more about our technology here.

Check out Taraxa Block Explorer, Sandbox, or set up a node to become our node operator/validator and start earning block rewards.



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