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Taraxa Project

Taraxa Testnet Weekly Update.

More work on Taraxa’s consensus, Marinate’s UX and API.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Implemented the account generation command in Taraxa node.
  • Implemented the VRF generation command in Taraxa node.
  • WIP: config file generation.
  • Implemented the DPOS proposal period with DAG levels mapping.

Application: Marinate’s UX and open API.

  • Flutter migration: migrated State Manager and Project.
  • Marinate’s AppBar: Pending and Projects pages.
  • Removed Marinate DB usages, started adding Mongo DB in the compose.
  • Continued adapting controllers logic for new Mongo DB models.
  • Worked on the server BE changes for Mongo models MSB-78.
  • Continued with worker changes and shaping the BaseMongoModel to work as a manager.

Learn more about our technology here.

Check out Taraxa Block Explorer, Sandbox, or set up a node to become our node operator/validator and start earning block rewards.



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