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Taraxa Token Information

Last updated: January 22, 2022

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Taraxa project! This article lays out some basic and most often-asked questions about our tokens.

Overall Distribution

As of this writing (please note the timestamp at the top of this article),

  • Circulating Supply: 2,921,165,941.00 (28.9%)

Circulating Supply includes: investor unlocks, community bounties and grants, and Staking Yields. It excludes tokens locked in the the Staking Contract.

Thus far 99,521,990.71 TARA tokens have been minted for staking yields. The minted tokens account for 0.99% of the current Total Supply. For more details on inflation, please read more about the inflationary block rewards as outlined in the whitepaper’s economics section.

The dev team has also provided a convenient web endpoint to query the total supply of the TARA token.

TARA token distribution — percentages based on the original 10bn supply
  • Public Sale took place in March of 2021, the proceeds of which will go to fund the ongoing technology development, business development, as well as token listing in the short-term.
  • Taraxa’s team members committed to the long-term success of the network and will hold their token allocations for an extended period.
  • The Taraxa Foundation intends to keep a certain number of tokens indefinitely (not to be sold) to help bootstrap and continue to participate in the decentralized network’s operations.
  • Community & Ecosystem funds are used to ensure the ongoing health and sustainability of the Taraxa ecosystem, including funding for development grants, bug bounties, driving application adoption, and raising awareness in the medium to long-term.
  • Exchange Security Deposits were security deposits mandated by the exchanges the Foundation has partnered with, these are not meant to be circulated.

Unlock Schedule & Circulation

TGE took place on March 23, 2021. The unlocks are on a quarterly basis so just add 3 months to the TGE date and you’ll get your unlock dates. These unlocks do not include Staking Yields, as they are minted, not unlocked.

Token unlock schedule — does not include Staking Yields
Cumulative unlock — does not include Staking Yields

The Community & Ecosystem unlocks are updated based on a combination of actual spending and future projections.

TARA Token Evolution

Currently the TARA token is an ERC-20 token. Taraxa’s Mainnet Candidate has launched, and the next step is to convert the ERC-20 tokens onto the Mainnet’s native tokens.



Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast & scalable Layer-1 public ledger designed to help democratize reputation by making informal data trustworthy.

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