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Taraxa Top Block Producer winners for Week-08, 2022

Here are the 200 winners for Week 08, 2022. If you’re in this list of 200 node addresses, you’ve won 2,000 TARA points redeemable through the community site’s redeem section!

👉👉 Connect your wallet to the site when claiming tokens.👈👈

A few more details

  • Each account can only win max 1 node each week (starting with and including Week 02, 2022)
  • Dev team’s nodes are excluded
  • To receive the reward, you have to have passed KYC, and have a wallet address in your profile on the community site
  • Rewards are tallied once a month in the middle of the month

Thanks and stay tuned! 😄

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Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast & scalable Layer-1 public ledger designed to help democratize reputation by making informal data trustworthy.

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