Justin Snapp
Sep 23 · 2 min read

A lot of integrations and optimizations for our public alpha testnet release coming this month. And this month is almost over… :-)

Taraxa Explorer

  • Optimized DAG graph visualization
  • Added overview component
  • Implemented search function
  • Changed blocks page to display DAG blocks and finalized blocks
  • Updated ability to attach account info

DAG Layer

  • Debugged execution handling issue of duplicated transactions
  • Investigated test instabilities
  • Worked on transaction nonce ordering in block generation

PBFT Consensus and Execution Schedule Layer

  • Removed chain map table and instead read blocks from database
  • Moved chain update functionality from PBFT manager to PBFT chain class
  • Released PBFT chain database
  • Fixed boost shared lock no mutex issue
  • Set PBFT chain database before network start
  • Implemented PBFT round determination from unverified votes

Concurrent Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Completed pull request and code review for transaction engine integration into node
  • Discussed open aspects of concurrent transaction engine integration
  • Encountered and debugged test instability and none issues

Testnet Improvements and Performance Optimization

  • Added optimizations to prevent occasional long processing time for vote propagation due to held mutex
  • Implemented optional encryption of network messages
  • Implemented measuring network packet processing performance
  • Optimized network transaction serialization to ensure serial/deserialization occurs only once within a node
  • Optimized caching of known transactions/blocks/votes per peer to contain memory usage
  • Optimized caching transaction status to reduce memory usage
  • Initiated disk/database performance profiling

Public Testnet Alpha Release

  • Finished automated faucet process for onc-click install scripts
  • Deployed one-click install scripts for Digital Ocean, AWS, etc.
  • Started work on node-running, wallet, and other scripts

Stay tuned.

Taraxa Project

Blockchain platform designed to enable the future machine to machine economy.

Justin Snapp

Written by

CTO of Taraxa, a fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

Taraxa Project

Blockchain platform designed to enable the future machine to machine economy.

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