Taraxa Weekly Tech Update: 2019 Week 43

Justin Snapp
Oct 28 · 2 min read

Lots of code commits to our node and explorer as we ready the launch of our next monthly testnet major update.

Continuing in our scheme of monthly testnet versions named after dandelion species, we will be launching our October update, “Aphrogenes” this week.

Taraxa Explorer

  • Enhanced websocket server to broker data from node to front end
  • Enhanced node subscription to not crash when lose connection with node
  • Fixed search tips bug
  • Fixed DAG history tab switching bug
  • Added filter for duplicate (due to resync) block data display
  • Added request to show history graph on load
  • Fixed vertically overlapped nodes in DAG graph
  • Fixed DAG graph animation glitch
  • Updated DAG legends
  • Fixed bug to reset DAG graph animation
  • Made charts expandable and collapsible
  • Added indicator to show web socket connection status

Taraxa Full Node Codebase

  • Fixed a bug due to race condition between DAG insertion and dagblock buffer
  • Implemented PBFT cert vote syncing with RLP stream
  • Created test for cert vote syncing
  • Initiated pull request for cert vote broadcast and sync
  • Started new work on VRF and VDF stuff
  • Debugged and fixed WebSocket server including identified an underlying issue in Boost Beast library
  • Implemented database access changes for improved code efficiency
  • Merged nonce tests fixes
  • Researched and wrote a proposal for an alternative replay-prevention scheme (in place of transaction nonce)
  • Researched and wrote a proposal for maintaining Ethereum block compatability in terms of Taraxa PBFT schedule blocks

PBFT Consensus and Execution Schedule Layer

  • Recalculated PBFT chain header
  • Completed code review for PBFT store certified votes into DB
  • Completed code review for database update changes
  • Fixed edge case that all transactions in CS block are invalid causing deadlock due to inactive players in PBFT period

Stay tuned.

Taraxa Project

Blockchain platform designed to enable the future machine to machine economy.

Justin Snapp

Written by

CTO of Taraxa, a fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

Taraxa Project

Blockchain platform designed to enable the future machine to machine economy.

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