Taraxa Weekly Tech Update: 2020 Week 2

Olya Green
Jan 13 · 3 min read

Another week is a wrap, and we’re back with the report on the fresh lines of code and fixes to keep you in the loop of Taraxa’s Testnet development. On to the updates!

Building an efficient block proposal scheme is essential to eliminate the possibility of deadlocks on the block DAG, and here’s what has been accomplished this week:

  • Fixed the missing transaction issue associated with the integration of VRF/VDF block proposal mechanism
  • Completed internal code review for block DAG and transaction generation, verification and storage
  • Updated test cases for VRF/VDF block proposal mechanism

To enable the rapid finalization of the block DAG and boost the network’s overall throughput, we use the VRF-enabled PBFT process. Here are our latest milestones on this front:

  • Completed code review for PBFT chain syncing, including multiple bug fixes
  • Completed code review and merged unifying PBFT single block into the Master Branch
  • Implemented two default approaches for DAG syncing delay problem:

a) Added the DAG_ANCHOR_PATH_BACK parameter to move back the number of DAG blocks in anchor path when PBFT propose, to avoid DAG syncing delay caused missing last DAG block

b) Changed to iterate DAG anchor blocks to find the DAG block of timestamp DAG_ANCHOR_TOME_DELAY seconds back as PBFT anchor block

  • Fixed the bug on PBFT manager’s multi-nodes network unit tests for one transaction could be packed in multi blocks
  • Fixed a bug in RPC for creating test coin transactions
  • Added a new DAG block persistent counter to the status DB
  • Started implementing unifying PBFT and DAG sync to run as one sync
  • Work-in-progress: running a memory profiling test

We keep working further on the VM integration and building the RPC interfaces to make our protocol super flexible and developer-friendly:

  • Investigating sync_five_nodes test failures and related syncing issues
  • Working on making several separate DB updates (during period execution) as one transaction.
  • [Pending review] Added a PR with dependency management improvements

A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger…

Olya Green

Written by

Taraxa Project

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