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Taraxa Weekly Tech Update.

Now at the final testing stage of preparation for the launch of incentivized Taraxa testnet, the testnet is now back up and running with some minor issues when resyncing the nodes. You can join our node pre-testing crew on Discord running a total of 26 nodes and helping us to spot problems and troubleshoot. On to the updates!

Node syncing:

  • Implemented verification for the incoming synced previous round next votes bundle and fixed the unit tests.
  • Debugged and investigated the testnet stalled issue. Downloaded the testnet nodes DB, analysed verified votes count, investigated PBFT next voting on different value.
  • Fixed PR985 rewrite, verified votes tales conflicts and comments on the review board.

Marinate’s open API:

On the application side, we’re now in the process of re-writing Marinate’s UI and building out an open API to allow for integrations with popular messenger platforms. We’ve been exploring how to get consistent data from Telegram groups and channels to be able to build a link tracking mechanism:

  • Worked on Bot Session Persistence via Session String.
  • Researched Google Voice API, looking into integrating with phantomJS or Twilio.
  • Resolved some of the BE issues with models.
  • Integrating the record signing into BE to continue with the record signing process.

You can help us pre-test the network — join a dedicated Discord thread to run a node: https://t.co/RdwtvMYJXe.




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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