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Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 20

As we’re moving closer to the next release of Aphrogenes Testnet, we stay focused on the network’s stability and core consensus.

PBFT Consensus and Execution Schedule.

Efficient proposals enable Taraxa’s PoS to produce fair and non-coordinated block proposals, which is essential for the network’s security. This week, we’ve continued with improvements to the PBFT state machine:

  • Finished simplifying the PBFT state machine’s finish state and finish polling state, and merged into the master branch;
  • Merged updating PBFT instance sortition accounts table into the master branch;
  • Code review on configuration processing error handling.

Throughput optimization

Taraxa enables the rapid finalization of the block DAG to maximize the network’s throughput. Among things done on this front:

  • Simplified the unit tests and made the tests run faster with less logging to enhance their reliability;
  • Implemented the improved config error handling when starting a node: if the configuration file is missing or invalid, there will be a descriptive error message and the node will stop running;
  • Fixed the issue with a node restart and the blockchain DB returning invalid data.

Concurrent EVM

Taraxa’s concurrent virtual machine sends the concurrent execution schedules to the core consensus layer enabling the rapid validation without executing the entire contract to maximize transaction processing and validation. Done this week:

  • Added autotests for the C++ side of EVM and fixed some bugs.;
  • Adding a few high-level tests for the Ethereum chain inside Taraxa.

If you’d like to contribute to Taraxa, be sure to reach out on Telegram and check our GitHub. Stay tuned!

website: taraxa.io

twitter: twitter.com/taraxa_project

telegram: t.me/taraxa_project

discord: discord.gg/WaXnwUb




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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