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Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 25

New fixes and add-ons to the Aphrogenes testnet.

Before going live on the mainnet, we keep iterating on features and testing the Taraxa software stacks to get validators and users familiar with running the network. This week, our core developer team kept working towards the stability of nodes and merged essential integrations to the DAG layer. On to the updates!

PBFT Consensus and Execution Schedule

Efficient proposals enable Taraxa’s PoS to produce fair and non-coordinated block proposals, which is essential for the network’s security. Done this week:

  • Fixed the PBFT identity leader block with a minimum VRF credential;
  • Started working on the stake delegation;
  • Further research on VDF-related academic papers.

Throughput optimization

Taraxa enables rapid finalization of the block DAG to maximize the network’s throughput. Done this week:

  • Completed refactoring the block numbers and related RPC improvements;
  • Removed the unneeded DAG order and height from the code and DB storage;
  • Continued work on the logging improvements.

Taraxa’s EVM

Our concurrent virtual machine enables concurrent execution schedules to maximize transaction processing. This week, we’ve accomplished a major optimization that further allows for validation without executing the entire smart contract.

If you’d like to contribute to Taraxa, be sure to reach out on Telegram and check our GitHub.

Stay tuned!

website: taraxa.io

twitter: twitter.com/taraxa_project

telegram: t.me/taraxa_project

discord: discord.gg/WaXnwUb



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