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Taraxa Weekly Update: Week 5, 2022.

✅ If you have a question about why your node is not producing blocks or producing the blocks slowly, please check out the F.A.Q. here: https://docs.taraxa.io/faq/testnet#what-makes-one-node-generate-more-blocks-than-another

After we successfully deployed the hardfork to fix the delegation issue on the mainnet candidate and reset the testnet, we kept working on transaction ordering and delegation on the consensus nodes:

Node operations and consensus:

  • Debugged the testnet PBFT stalled issue of not enough votes for PBFT to make progress in the consensus nodes.
  • Reviewed the DAG block transitions ordering and delegation process.
  • Fixed the PBFT rebroadcast soft votes for the current round: PBFT rebroadcast soft votes in every second finish state when a node has received enough soft votes for the current round.
  • Finished the PBFT produce blocks with NULL anchor, fixed and refactored all failed unit tests.

Application: Social-Listen-Assistant.

We are now in the process of building out an open API to allow for integrations with popular messenger platforms to be able to elicit and track the trending data and sentiment by getting consistent data from social media platforms. Our current effort is focused on Telegram’s groups and channels:

  • Worked on FTB-83, dependencies cleanup on the Ingester.
  • Added a debug for (text/number/arithmetic) challenges to the Ingester.
  • Working on FTB-87 to avoid duplicate group messages.
  • FTB-84: full accounts handle the previous status on the Ingester.
  • FTB-80: replaces the join order logic in the Assistant
  • FTB-80: Added ngrok as docker image on local dev environment.




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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