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Taraxa Weekly Update — Week 50.

Optimizing the PBFT execution on Taraxa public testnet and the DAG network syncing.

Consensus and PBFT.

  • Reviewed the code to optimize the DAG syncing; RPC calls thread pool, and the logger refactoring;
  • Implemented a condition variable for the block executor;
  • Added a PBFT executed chain size and fixed the unit tests;
  • Merged the execution asynchronous with the PBFT manager into the master branch;
  • Fixed the unexecuted PBFT queue consistent with the PBFT chain head;
  • Fixed the checking empty before removing blocks in the PBFT unexecuted queue.

Block DAG.

  • Optimized and simplified the DAG network syncing for non-finalized blocks;
  • Fixing and debugging the issues related to the PBFT executor and failing unit tests;
  • Looking into GraphQL.

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