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Taraxa’s 2020 Goals

We are at the very beginning of our big journey into the world of enterprise operational auditing (including asset management in Japan and change order management in the US), so the stakes (and ambition!) are high.


  • Scale up our hardware-enhanced asset leasing and mobility service offerings with our customers and channel partners in Japan and expand signed annual recurring revenues — no empty PoCs here.
  • Expand our coverage into the US market with our process change order offering. Build a low-CAC model to rapidly onboard trials and convert paying customers.
  • Release a lite version of our auditing solution for SMEs as well as individuals to help accelerate the onboarding process.
  • Continue to build out & refine applications based on our auditing backend to target a full range of enterprise tools (e.g., email, messengers, productivity applications, and more).
  • Continuing to iterate on our secure hardware to secure data at the source and prevent fraudulent data from being anchored into the blockchain.

Network: #Stable #Performant

  • Launch a network that’s sufficiently #stable and #performant able to support production-grade applications with emphasis on uptime, recovery, state synchronization, and non-disruptive upgrades
  • Launch and integrate a fully concurrent VM to break through the smart contract execution bottleneck and give us maximal vertical concurrency
  • Supplement our network with development tools such as light node (including wallets), explorer, and node monitoring tools to help monitor, maintain, and test the network
  • Production of features such as privacy-preserving transactions, BLS multi-signatures, and sidechains.


  • Engage the community with gamified incentives around the lite version of our application and help drive adoption, solicit engagement ideas, feedback to help improve our products, and additional application ideas.
  • Engage the community with gamified incentives around operating our network nodes, collaborating to conduct stress & security tests, contribute to our codebase, and in general solicit feedback on how to improve our network.

Upwards and onwards!



Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast & scalable Layer-1 public ledger designed to help democratize reputation by making informal data trustworthy.

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