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Taraxa’s guide to Binance Blockchain Week.

BBW kicks off today, so we made a quick selection of talks and panels not to miss! You can stream the conference here, and be sure to keep an eye on Taraxa’s Twitter for live-feed comments from our CEO Steven.

MON — FEB 1:

Fireside Chat with Sergey Nazarov.

Chainlink has been pioneering the crypto oracle space, and surely this one is the major highlight of Day 1. For Taraxa’s part, we’re excited to be exploring the possibility of building a timestamp oracle solution together.

Innovations in Cross-chain Development.

Cross-chain communication protocols have evolved greatly and proved to be essential to solve the custodial and interoperability problem for DeFi. It’s interesting to hear first-hand how these new problems provide instant liquidity into the digital assets space.

Crypto Collectibles: Inside The NFT Economy.

NFTs keep grabbing the headlines as the mainstream creator platforms fail to reward the artists and builders in a fair and efficient way. Watch and learn how hybrid DeFi solutions bring a slew of opportunities to creating value and monetizing digital artworks.

TUE — FEB 2:

Live AMA with CZ of Binance.

The major Q&A of the show with Binance’s boss. Get your best question ready cause it’s your chance to shine for the crypto’s biggest enabler-in-chief.

Unlocking Insights with Blockchain Data and Analysis.

Where would crypto investors be without Messari’s daily market reports? Ryan Selkis of Messari protocol and Alex Bertomeu-Gilles of Aave will shed some light on how price analytics works in the blockchain space.

Fireside Chat with Anthony Pompliano.

Anthony is the crypto Twitter’s heavy hitter who surely has lots of up aces up his sleeve and maybe even share that sweet Clubhouse event.

WED — FEB 3:

The Future of Work with Jeremy Hollister of Maker Foundation & Josh Goodbody of Binance.

If there’s one thing we learned last year is that WHF is here to stay. Helping remote workers and independent contractors coordinate approvals and track informal agreements is one of the core use cases for Marinate, our flagship application.

Blockchain Scaling and Efficiency with Charles Hoskinson of Cardano.

One of the first public blockchains, Cardano’s and Ethereum’s co-founder shares his first-hand experience of solving scalability vs. throughput.

Transparency & Trust: Blockchain & Governments.

Public infrastructures have been ripe for disruption, and governments slowly but surely start exploring blockchain’s potential for bridging that trust gap. Taraxa’s 2019 partnership with the Japanese Ministry of Economics and Technology resulted in co-authoring the ‘Next Blockchain’ book and Steven speaking at the number one local conference in Kyoto.


Crypto Forecast: New Investment Trends for 2021 with Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital.

Whether you’re raising in crypto, or looking to invest in the next blockchain unicorn, Kyle Samani is surely one of the major VCs in crypto to keep your eyes on.

Fireside Chat with Dawn Song of Oasis labs.

FRI — FEB 5:

Tokenizing the future.

Power to the People: Blockchain for Social Justice.




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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