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Testnet Weekly Tech Update.

More work on node scaling and Telegram integration!

Scaling node operation:

  • Saved and broadcast 2t+1 number of votes for fix triggering false syncing and network traffic.
  • Fixed the performance issue getDagBlockOrder called twice when pushing a PBFT block into the chain.
  • Performance improvement: Fixed conflicts and merged PR891 and PR892(save and broadcast 2t+1 votes) into the dev branch.
  • Debugged and investigated the testnet finalization stalled issue due to boot node1 having some missing DAG blocks. Boot node1 was sending the syncing request for unfinalized DAG blocks but was getting the empty list from the response.

Marinate’s open API + Telegram integration:

  • Migrated Taraxa-node pipeline to CircleCI.
  • Adapted model parameters to the user endpoints.
  • More changes to Person/Service endpoints and the contact invite endpoint.
  • Removing and updating model references on the user and contact service.
  • Recorded the service changes, updating and populating project_ids references.
  • Refactored methods used for the user login to get identity and type.
  • Chart for the Telegram link tracking bot and deployment.
  • Created a Github for Telegram bot to trigger temporary Taraxa-node networks deployments on comments.

You can help us pre-test the network now, join a dedicated Discord thread here: https://t.co/RdwtvMYJXe.



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