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Taraxa Project

Using Taraxa’s audit log of informal transactions to quantify off-chain reputation.

How do you build a reputation online?

Better data visibility and reputation system for online communities.

Opening up the ‘walled gardens’ of social networks.

  • Tracking link sharing and ownership to measure engagement and reputation in a group.
  • Verifying the track record of creators and influencers.
  • Measuring the impact of influencer endorsements.
  • Incentivized discovery mechanism for influencers and other creators.

Tokenized communities, organizations, and DAOs.

Linking off-chain credit scores with DeFi applications.

  • Linking off-chain credit scores with DeFi applications is a big challenge not yet been resolved.
  • We believe that Taraxa’s audit logging of informal, off-chain transactions will enable a quantified reputation system to bridge off-chain credit scoring with DeFi applications and protocols.

We will explore our approach to the problem of credit scoring in DeFi in our next post. Stay tuned!



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