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Taraxa Weekly UPD.

More work on node syncing ahead of the pre-staking launch!

We thank everyone who’s been running the Taraxa nodes to help us pre-test — jump to our Discord to join the team of early Taraxa network testers!

We just did a hard reset of the testnet: if you’d like to join the network, please go ahead and reset your node (https://docs.taraxa.io/node-setup/upgrade-a-node/data-reset) and re-register at the community site.

Node syncing:

We’re currently focused on making node synching faster when a new participant is catching up with the block production by introducing the synchronization performance patch.

  • Debugged and investigated the testnet missing block DAG issue.
  • Debugged on all consensus nodes and the block DAG and transactions ordering calculation hash issue: identified when the proposed new PBFT block could find the DAG block, but all the nodes would miss the DAG block later.
  • Debugged and investigated on the testnet cannot make chain progress issue: consensus node1 never receives a PBFT block that other nodes vote on — after the node reboot, the connection peers zero for the node’s partition.
  • Replaced the PR1031 synced next votes bundle verification with the develop branch. Fixed all the review comments and mergde conflicts. Merged the PR to add the missing part to verify incoming PBFT previous round’s next votes from peers to protect from malicious players.


On the application side, we’re now in the process of re-writing Marinate’s UI and building out an open API to allow for integrations with popular messenger platforms. We’ve been exploring how to get consistent data from Telegram groups and channels to be able to build a link tracking mechanism.

  • Normalized OpenAPI develop & master branch merging MongoDB changes.
  • Modified services & endpoints description language in OpenAPI.
  • Looking into normalizing branches in Python BE.
  • WIP: friendly assistant integration.




A fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to help IoT ecosystems become more trusted, autonomous, and valuable.

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