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Weekly Tech Update: Taraxa’s consensus, Marinate’s UX, and open API.

In the run up to the testnet launch, we’ve been fixing bugs and polishing up node syncing.

Consensus and PBFT:

  • Debugged the testnet and fixed the next phase votes syncing issues:

- Only update vrf_pbft_chain_last_block_hash_ at the start of a round, or when syncing PBFT blocks into the chain;

- Whenever updating vrf_pbft_chain_last_block_hash_ due to syncing need to remove all verified votes since the last PBFT block hash has been changed;

- Checked any bundle of 2t+1 votes to be internally consistent. All have the same last PBFT block hash for VRF sortition.

  • Fixed the bug incorrectly handle peers with the wrong network version or the DAG genesis hash.
  • Fixed the bug not to update VRF-PBFT’s last block hash when syncing a block certified in the current round.
  • Removed checking the last PBFT block hash in vote validation to fix the testnet stalled issue.
  • Fixed the DPOS max proposal period consistent for the node restart issue.

Application: Marinate’s UX and API.

  • Finishing Marinate DB and Wallet DB removal from the BE service.
  • Changed the docker environment variables to be loaded via env file instead of each service of the Docker-compose file.
  • Testing a full Mongo DB integration with microservices, along with the Open API in local environment + bug fixes.
  • Finished the Mongo DB worker migration.
  • Connected with the current FE service.

Learn more about our technology here.

Check out Taraxa Block Explorer, Sandbox, or set up a node to become our node operator/validator and start earning block rewards.



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